I would like to write


Stik Graffiti, London.
Stik Graffiti, London

I decided to open up this blog, because I want to write.  I have ideas, which I discuss with my friends and with whoever wants to play along, but now, I have the need to document and share them. So here we go!

Venezuela’s youth is living uncertain times. Many have left: some one of them find happiness and prosperity as ex-pats in their new countries; others miss the chaos where they were brought up and the homesickness drives them back to that whirlwind of anomy and superb weather. Another less fortunate group finds that their goals are more difficult to achieve in new lands- leaving the Simon Bolivar Airport does not automatically translate into full success. So they take a deep breath, pack their things and return to their nation.

Young Venezuelans who stay in the country usually find work; some of them earn really good money, but many others are underpaid. I think I am not wrong when I say that all of them worry about their future in such a convoluted context.

Venezuela is such a strange country that it is very difficult to comprehend how we have gotten the problems we endure every single day. Venezuelans are so overwhelmed by daily situations that it becomes blurry when thinking about changing what needs to be changed. Rooted beliefs and prejudices, stark polarization, bubbles that enclose different realities, traumatic events, inefficient governments, the piñata culture, and an idiosyncrasy that praises the freeloader are traits that affect the Venezuelan way of being.

After having worked and researched about insecurity in Venezuela, I have found many answers. However, new questions have emerged indicating that the citizen security problem finds causes in the general social crisis. This is a subject that interests me deeply and will address.

On the other hand, I would also like to discuss international affairs. The world has 195 countries. Apart from our problems, one has to be open-minded and look beyond our borders. Understand that the world is progressively more interconnected and that perhaps other experiences might work as (good or bad) reference models to observe our own problems.

I would like to write, bring up ideas and analyze problems.



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