What would you do?

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I have always liked not very well known movies with great stories – that kind of story that makes you think and leaves you thinking.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is definitely the type of movie I love: Amazing actors (it was great seeing popular actors such as Steve Carell and Keira Knightley doing a low profile film in which they just displayed their skills), an awesome soundtrack in perfect harmony with the ups and downs of the plot and a thoughtfully crafted script that narrates the lifetime journey of characters like you and me – no special effects needed and no played-out typical Hollywood story. Funny and tragic, gloomy and enlightening, frightening but reassuring, complicated and simple; it’s a collection of effortlessly intertwined dichotomies.

So, it goes like this: The end of times has arrived and humanity is reaching its “timely conclusion” due to an asteroid named Matilda that is going to destroy the Earth in 21 days. The reactions are varied: Some just keep on living like nothing has changed, others decide to bail out of their existence. Moreover, while some adopt a carpe diem behavior and seize the time they have left to do the things they stopped doing or never dared to do, other characters go back in time and reflect on how they didn’t live up to their own expectations regarding love, family, jobs and dreams.

The two main characters, Dodge and Penny, in spite of having been neighbors for three years, get to meet about two weeks before the end of times occurs. An instant friendship begins between two opposite people of different ages who regardless get along very well. Together they forgive, re-discover, learn, recognize, reflect…genuinely live.

The movie does not only take you in an emotional roller coaster ride, but also leaves you with an aftereffect.

Have we met the people we need in our lives?

Does the development of our own stories depend on a weird equation of events we can’t control?

Are we living our lives the way we really want to? Do we do what we want or conform to a generally accepted idea of what we should do?

I do not mean this in a “go nuts and do crazy shit, because there might be no tomorrow” kind of conduct, but in the sense of the way we are leading our lives. Are we treating our loved ones how we should be? Are our jobs a step in the ladder towards our goals? Have we reflected on our goals? Are our relationships meaningful or are we just meeting one “future stranger” after another?

And bottom line: What would you do if you knew the world is going to end in 21 days?



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